Quran Summaries Series 1/30

🌙 *Quran Summaries Series* 🌙

Assalaamu Allaycom. May you and your family have the most productive and blessed Ramadan ever. My apologies for the long introductory message.

The intention of this series is to bring to light some of the main lessons and themes of each Juz’ (about 20pages/ one thirtieth) of the Quran that has been read and/or listened to in the Taraweeh prayer. Also by the end of the month we would have gained many lessons which are covered in the Quran.

Reading and listening to the Quran has indeed many blessings, verily the main purpose of the Quran is to draw lessons and derive principles and apply these to our daily lives. Some of the Sahabah would not memorise the next Ayah until understood and applied the verse memorised. This shows us the vital importance of understanding and the application of the verses.

The aim is to send the Juz’ Summaries about Asr time the day before the Juz’ is read to get a pre-understanding.

Please do forward via WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, Twitter (as picture), other social media and also in person, to your fellow brethren to encourage the understanding of the Holy Quran and also for a Sadaqah Jaryah reward (reoccurring good deed).

The reference of these summaries is from *’A Summary of the Quran’* mobile application by the Muslim Research & Development Foundation.

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