Quran Summaries – 6/30

🌙 Quran Summaries – 6/30 🌙

4. Al-Nisa (148-end)
5. Al-Ma’idah (1-81)

Having previously refuted the People of the Book and their beliefs with regards to Esa (Jesus AS) and His Mother, Maryam (Mary), Allah now expands on how the People of the Book went wrong. It tells us of how Esa AS was raised to Allah rather than being crucified on the cross and how the same message was preached by Esa as it was by the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Them all). In detailing their relationship with Allah and their Prophets, we find lessons for us. The final verse is on inheritance law, exemplifying that social guidance cannot be separated from one’s belief. The Juz continues with the chapter al-Ma’idah (Table Spread), the fifth chapter of the Qur’an. The chapter is named after the spread of food that was requested by the disciples of Esa AS – and its crowning verse (3) is Allah’s declaration that Islam is perfect and His Favour upon us now complete.


1 – A large portion of al-Ma’idah, one of the last chapters to be revealed, is taken up with a discussion of contract law and the promises that we give in our lives.
2 – Al-Ma’idah mentions 18 rules and regulation not found anywhere else in the Qur’an.
3 – The chapter begins by detailing foods that are unlawful and some types that are lawful.
4 – The verse concerning wudu’ (ablution) which mentions its obligations and the obligations of ghusl (Ritual Bath).
5 – One must bear witness for the sake of Allah and one must always be fair even with people one hates.
6 – The ruling of one who does not judge by Allah’s law.
7 – Rebutting the Christian belief in Esa AS and giving them the opportunity to repent.

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