Quran Summaries – 9/30

🌙 Quran Summaries – 9/30 🌙 Al-’Araf (88-end) Al-Anfal (1-80)

In the remaining verses of al-’Araf, Allah tells us, in considerable depth, the story of Musa (Moses AS) and his struggle with the great enemy of Allah, the Pharaoh. Furthermore, we are told of Musa’s AS experiences with the Children of Israel with many important lessons for the Muslim nation and our own submission to the Prophet Muhammad’s message SAAS. Aptly, the chapter concludes by discussing the Qur’an and the role of the Messenger of Allah, SAAS – a man, having Taqwa (God consciousness) and never too proud to worship Allah, in complete opposite to the enemies discussed throughout.The Juz continues with the chapter of al-Anfal (the Spoils of War) revealed shortly after the Battle of Badr. The lessons learned from the battle reinforce: the virtues necessary for fighting in the Path of Allah, victory against the odds, clemency and consideration of others.


1 – Whilst the conflict between Musa AS and Pharaoh was intense, it only led Musa AS to place further his dependence upon Allah.
2 – When times got hard, Musa AS directed his people to turn to Allah for help, to be patient, and reminded that the whole Earth belongs to Allah and that the final end is for the pious.
3 – The mention of the town by the sea that transgressed as regards the Sabbath and the end result of those who tried to evade the laws of Allah through trickery.
4 – Allah’s mercy encompasses everything and He mentions that He will decree His Mercy especially for a group of His servants. Ponder their qualities well so that you might be one of them.
5 – About the beginning of creation and a refutation of the belief that anything worshipped besides Allah can bring any benefit.
6 – The ruling of the spoils of war, which importantly is framed by a reminder of the greater importance of Taqwa and keeping ties of kinship.
7 – Details of the Battle of Badr.

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