Quran Summaries – 13/3

? Quran Summaries – 13/30 ? Yusuf (53-end) Al-Ra’ad Ibrahim (1-52)This Juz begins with the remainder of the story of Yusuf (Joseph AS) including his meeting with the king, his consequent exoneration and establishment in the land. From a young boy in the well, Yusuf AS finds himself in a powerful position during a time of crisis in Egypt. It is at this time that Yusuf AS is reunited with his family, many years after his brothers plotted to leave him in the well. The story of Yusuf AS is a great example of how patience and constancy in faith can overcome even the greatest of plots.
The Juz continues with the chapter of al-Ra’d (Thunder), with themes of Allah’s Oneness, faith, revelation and resurrection, and is distinguished by its moving description of Allah’s power and knowledge.
The Juz concludes with the chapter of Ibrahim, which explains how Allah’s revelation will always prevail despite man’s scheming against it. Unity of the Divine Message and Allah’s blessings are the focal themes of this chapter but, like other Makkan chapters, it also covers faith, revelation, Allah’s Oneness, our resurrection and judgment.Lessons1 – To take from the example of Ya‘qub AS and have patience, and the benefits that ensued from this.
2 – That patience and taqwa (God Consciousness) were two traits of Yusuf AS that led to his raise in wordly and spiritual rank.
3 – The chapter Yusuf finishes by mentioning Allah’s signs in creation, Messengers being sent forth by Him, and taking lesson from the stories found in the Qur’an.
4 – Allah propounds parables for the Qur’an explaining its greatness in al-Ra’d.
5 – Ten pieces of advice are mentioned and whoever follows them all will have the reward of Paradise.
6 – The chapter Ibrahim opens by mentioning the story of Musa (Moses AS), and the stories of other Messengers sent to their people showing how they were patient and how they relied on Allah.
7 – A scene from the events of the Hereafter is painted depicting how Satan will absolve himself of all those who followed him. So beware of being lured by him!
8 – A parable is given of a goodly word and an evil word followed by mention of Allah’s blessings that He has given man. Are you grateful?
9 – The chapter Ibrahim ends by mentioning the final destination of the wrong doers and criminals on a day when the Earth will be replaced for another Earth and so too the Heavens.

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