Quran Summaries – 14/30

? Quran Summaries – 14/30 ? Al-Hijr Al-NahlIn this Juz of the Qur’an, we cover two chapters – al-Hijr (Rocky Tract) and al-Nahl (the Bee). The first of these two was revealed at a time when persecution of the Prophet SAAS and his followers RAA was at its peak and Islam was making little headway in the face of Arab opposition and resistance. Allah warns the pagan Arabs of the fate of earlier nations who similarly opposed their own Prophets. By way of further warning, Allah highlights how Satan is persistent on corrupting people whilst the Prophet SAAS is consoled and instructed to hold fast to the truth and to be patient and steadfast. Ultimately, the Truth is a matter protected by Allah.
The chapter of the Bee takes its title from mention of the bee and its wondrous creation in verse 68 and the chapter highlights Allah’s endless blessings and the many Signs present in His creation.Lessons1 – Allah consoles the Messenger SAAS by recounting the stories of some of the Prophets who came before him.
2 – The stories of Ibrahim (Abraham AS); Lut (Lot AS); and the People of al-Hijr;
3 – al-Hijr ends by advising those whose hearts are constrained or tormented to remember Allah and glorify Him.
4 – al-Nahl is also called the Chapter of Blessings, ponder it carefully and be grateful to the One who conferred them to you.
5 – It contains many proofs showing that Allah Alone is to be worshipped.
6 – After mentioning His many blessings, Allah recounts the story of the city that was ungrateful for Allah’s blessings and their end.
7 – The chapter ends by encouraging man to call to Allah with wisdom and goodly exhortation, and to be patient in the face of any harm and oppression that comes his way.

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