Quran Summaries 16/30

? Quran Summaries – 16/30 ? Al-Kahf (75-end) Maryam Ta Ha

The chapter of al-Kahf (Cave) is concluded in this Juz with Allah completing the story of Musa (Moses AS) and Khidr and then mentioning that of Dhu’l-Qarnayn. The story of Musa and Khidr teaches us the many paradoxes in life that can only be understood through patience and knowledge, this is a lesson that even Musa AS finds difficult to accept in the story. The next chapter in this Juz is Maryam (Mary), which includes the story of the most pious of women and the mother of Esa (Jesus AS). The central theme of the chapter is Tawhid (Divine Unity) and this is explored through the narration of several stories of Grace given by Allah to the Prophets; it also discusses the Day of Judgment and mentions some arguments against those who deny the resurrection thereby reinforcing its central theme. The final chapter in the Juz is Ta-Ha. This chapter deals with the nature of revelation vis-a-vis the Prophet SAAS; and so it commences by addressing him and ends by addressing him, in between outlining his mission and duties. Allah gives us a sense of reassurance in His Divine Will by outlining to us how He supported and aided His Prophets.


1 – The remaining lesson of strength is demonstrated through the story of Dhu’l-Qarnayn.
2 – al-Kahf concludes by depicting a scene of the Last Day and describing the end of the believers and disbelievers.
3 – In Chapter of Maryam the word rahma (mercy) or a derivative of this word is mentioned 16 times. Consider the places where it is mentioned carefully so that you may learn how to be a recipient of it.
4 – The stories of Ibrahim (Abraham AS), Zakariya AS and Esa AS are all recounted. Take note of how Ibrahim AS continued to address his father with patience and respect.
5 – The chapter Ta-Ha describes how the magicians confronted by Musa were disbelievers at the beginning of the day, but pious believers by its end, showing us how quickly true faith takes root in the heart.
6 – Allah’s grace to the Children of Israel displayed in Him leading them out of the land in which they were oppressed and the drowning of Pharaoh and his forces.
7 – The condition of those who turn away from the truth on the Last Day and some of the horrors of that Day.
8 – Mankind is warned about the enmity of Satan and this is exemplified in the Story of Adam.
9 – The chapter ends by consoling the Prophet SAAS and enjoining him to remain constant and steadfast.

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