Quran Summaries – 18/3

? Quran Summaries – 18/30 ? Al-Muminun Al-Nur Al-Furqan (1-20)The first chapter in this Juz is Al-Mu’minun (Believers), a name that aptly summarises the theme of the chapter. It commences by outlining the qualities of the believers, and narrates incidents from the lives of various Prophets. It then repudiates the disbelievers and defends the Prophet SAAS and his message. In closing Allah returns to describing further qualities of the believers with a description of the Last Day and a supplication for mercy and forgiveness. It is followed by the chapter al-Nur (Light), the crowning verse of which is the verse of Light (verse 35) – a parable described by Ibn Abbas as “the parable of His light in the heart of a believer.” The final chapter in this Juz is al-Furqan (Criterion) which develops on the contrast of light and darkness. It comforts the Prophet SAAS, reassuring him and supporting him at a time when he faced obstinate rejection, hostility and maltreatment from those he was calling to.Lessons1 – The qualities of the believers are recounted in the beginning of al-Mu’minun. Ask yourself how many of these qualities do you have?
2 – The scene of death is depicted, the blowing of the trumpet, the end of those who disbelieve.
3 – Al-Mu’minun begins by stating that the believers will be successful and ends by stating that the disbelievers will not be successful.
4 – Al-Nur begins by mentioning the prescribed punishment for fornication, making false accusations, and the ruling of li‘aan (Invoking the curse of Allah).
5 – The chapter divinely confirms the virtue of ‘A’ishah from the false rumours spread about her.
6 – One must ask for permission before entering a house.
7 – Allah’s promise that He will establish on Earth those who believe, but this has conditions and they are listed.
8 – Al-Furqan begins by praising the One who revealed the Criterion.
9 – Accusations against the Qur’an and the Prophet are discussed.

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