Quran Summaries – 25/30

? Quran Summaries – 25/30 ?
  1. Fussilat (47-end)
  2. Al-Shura
  3. Al-Zukhruf
  4. Al-Dukhan
  5. Al-Jathiyah
The 25th Juz of the Qur’an begins with the final eight verses of Fussilat (trans. Explained in Detail), in which Allah exposes the hypocrisy of mankind who when touched with affliction turns to his Creator “full of extensive supplication” but when favoured by Allah turns away, and compounds his arrogance by saying “This is due to me”. In al-Shura (Consultation) we read of Allah’s power, wisdom and final decision explaining that these form some of the fundamentals of our faith. The divine reality that Allah does not resemble His creation is central to this chapter. The remaining two chapters in this Juz highlight the mercy that is the Qur’an, and address arguments made against this Majestic Book. As a warning, Allah places emphasis on the fate of the sceptics.1 – The Qur’an is a warning of the Day of Gathering.
2 – Allah selects whom He wills to carry the Message; what then is strange about Muhammad SAAS being chosen as a Messenger?
3 – Evidences pointing to Allah’s Oneness.
4 – The Qur’an gives life to the hearts – have you looked to how much life your heart has been granted?
5 – The lofty status of the Qur’an and a repudiation of some of the claims of the pagans against it.
6 – That following ones’ forefathers without sound evidence is censured.
7 – Allah has apportioned and decreed man’s provision, so do not despair of your worldly lot.
8 – The only companionship of real benefit is that of the righteous.
9 – The consequences of arrogantly rejecting the truth in this world.
10 – Beware of following desires; people could take their desires as their deity without even realising!

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