Quran Summaries – 26/30

? Quran Summaries – 26/30 ?
  1. Al-Ahqaf
  2. Muhammad
  3. Al-Fath
  4. Al-Hujurat
  5. Qaaf
  6. Al-Dhariyat (1-30)
The themes discussed in the chapters of this Juz are varied reflecting the fact that some of the chapters were revealed during the Prophet’s time in Makkah and the rest during his time in Madinah. The Makkan chapters (al-Ahqaf, Qaaf and al-Dhariyat (Scatterers)) address those who deny the truth and confirm the resurrection and the Day of Judgment. They encourage the Prophet SAAS to persist in his call reassuring that he is upon the truth. In contrast the Madinan chapters (Muhammad, al-Fath (Victory) and al-Hujurat (Rooms)) cover societal and legal issues – war, the organisation of the Muslim community and the mutual respect and trust between the new Muslim community. An important historical event, the treaty of Hudaibiyyah ratified by the Prophet SAAS and establishing a period of peace between the Muslims and the Quraysh is indirectly referenced in al-Fath and the Prophet SAAS is assured the treaty was indeed a great breakthrough.Lessons1 – The perfection and precision of creation is proof that the Creator alone must be worshipped.
2 – That we must be soft and gracious to our parents and not rebuke them.
3 – Allah’s punishment could well come in the guise of blessings.
4 – About Paradise and its delights but also of Hellfire and its punishment.
5 – Allah is pleased with those who took the pledge of allegiance under the tree so be careful of hating those Allah is pleased with!
6 – People are better than others only in their taqwa (God Consciousness) so beware of racism and partisanship.
7 – Every good the believer has is a grace conferred unto him by Allah.
8 – That the angels record every word we say – are you cautious of what you utter?

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