Quran Summaries – 28/30

? Quran Summaries – 28/30 ?

  1. Al-Mujadilah
  2. Al-Hashr
  3. Al-Mumtahanah
  4. Al-Saf
  5. Al-Jumuah
  6. Al-Munafiqun
  7. Al-Taghabun
  8. Al-Talaq
  9. Al-Tahrim

In the 28th Juz of the Qur’an, we are taken through a number of issues relevant to the Madinan community established by the Prophet SAAS – the fledgling community sought to break the shackles of paganism and jahiliyyah (state of ignorance) and instead sought guidance from the Qur’an and the Messenger SAAS. Many issues are addressed throughout the Juz. However, this Juz is perhaps most notable for the last three verses of al-Hashr (Banishment) which contains the mention of over fifteen Names or Attributes of Allah SWT.


1 – Issues concerning wala’ and bara’ (allegiance and enmity).
2 – To practise what one preaches.
3 – The only trade which brings about real benefit is that which is carried out with Allah.
4 – That we are advised not to cling to this world.
5 – Allah’s omnipotence and all-encompassing knowledge.
6 – We are encouraged to have taqwa (God Consciousness) and to spend in Allah’s path.
7 – Wives are advised not to make life difficult for their husbands.
8 – Husbands are advised to bring up our families in the best of ways and to save them from the Fire.

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