Quran Summaries – 30/30

Quran Summaries – 30/30

? Quran Summaries – 30/30 ? The final Juz of the Qur’an is often referred to as Juz Amma’ after its very first word and contains the final 36 chapters of the Majestic Qur’an. As these chapters are short and the verses generally also brief, it is a popular Juz for one to begin their

Quran Summaries – 29/30

? Quran Summaries – 29/30 ? The final two ajzaa (pl. Juz) of the Qur’an contain 11 and 36 chapters respectively. These chapters are generally shorter than those in the previous ajzaa and were predominantly revealed during the Prophet’s SAAS time in Makkah. This was a time that Islam (for the pagan Arabs) was a

Quran Summaries – 28/30

? Quran Summaries – 28/30 ? In the 28th Juz of the Qur’an, we are taken through a number of issues relevant to the Madinan community established by the Prophet SAAS – the fledgling community sought to break the shackles of paganism and jahiliyyah (state of ignorance) and instead sought guidance from the Qur’an and

Quran Summaries – 27/30

? Quran Summaries – 27/30 ? There are seven chapters in this Juz including the melodic and beautiful chapter of al-Rahman (the All-Merciful). In that chapter Allah highlights many of Allah’s blessings in the world the foremost of which is the Majestic Qur’an. Allah also describes the end of the world and paints a magnificent

Quran Summaries – 26/30

? Quran Summaries – 26/30 ? Al-Ahqaf Muhammad Al-Fath Al-Hujurat Qaaf Al-Dhariyat (1-30) The themes discussed in the chapters of this Juz are varied reflecting the fact that some of the chapters were revealed during the Prophet’s time in Makkah and the rest during his time in Madinah. The Makkan chapters (al-Ahqaf, Qaaf and al-Dhariyat

Quran Summaries – 25/30

? Quran Summaries – 25/30 ? Fussilat (47-end) Al-Shura Al-Zukhruf Al-Dukhan Al-Jathiyah The 25th Juz of the Qur’an begins with the final eight verses of Fussilat (trans. Explained in Detail), in which Allah exposes the hypocrisy of mankind who when touched with affliction turns to his Creator “full of extensive supplication” but when favoured by

Quran Summaries – 24/30

? Quran Summaries – 24/30 ? Al-Zumar (32-end) Ghafir Fussilat (1-46) The Juz begins by ending al-Zumar (Groups). In the final 8 verses of this powerful chapter, Allah describes a vivid scene in which humanity has been judged and stands in two groups: believers and those who disbelieved. The ultimate end of both groups is

Quran Summaries – 23/30

? Quran Summaries – 23/30 ? Ya Sin (28-end) Al-Saffat Saad Al-Zumar (1-31) In ending Ya-Sin, Allah mentions the punishment of previous nations and emphasises, again, the reality of the resurrection. In a stark warning to all of mankind, we are warned of the transient reality of this life – “It will not be but

Quran Summaries – 22/30

? Quran Summaries – 22/30 ? Al-Ahzab (31-end) Saba al-Fatir Ya Sin (1-27) This Juz finishes the chapter begun in its predecessor, al-Ahzab (Confederates) and concludes with the opening verses of the significant chapter of Ya-Sin. In closing al-Ahzab, Allah discusses propriety on the part of women, spelling out an image of the Last Day

Quran Summaries – 21/30

? Quran Summaries – 21/30 ? Al-Ankabut (46-end) Al-Rum Luqman Al-Sajda Al-Ahzab (1-30) In this Juz, we cover five separate chapters: the conclusion of al-Ankabut (Spider), al-Rum (Romans), Luqman, al-Sajda (Prostration) and the start of al-Ahzab (Confederates). Some of the important verses in this Juz are Allah prophesying the defeat of the Byzantines and then